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What we do for residential customers


Empire Title can make it an even more enjoyable experience with the home purchase process by ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transfer of title with the protection against potential loss in the form of property use and financial restrictions. Most importantly, our title search and insurance policy will ensure your investment with one single payment providing you peace of mind. The protection will stand without the renewal fees or expiration, providing lasting security as long as you or your heirs have any interest in the property.

Buyers Services


It provides all sorts of standard services, right from title searches to insurance and closing services for the residential and commercial property market.​

Ranch and Land

Specially specializes in title services on agricultural property. They assure that the land has no encumbrances and disputes.

For Sale by Owner

Offers property owners title services when one is selling without an agent, including all necessary documents, and assistance at the closing.

Sellers Services

Contract Upload/Drop Off

This is whereby clients can upload contracts more easily through a digital platform or even physically drop them off at our offices, streamlining the document processing procedure.

Mobile Notary

Our mobile notary service dispatches a professional notary directly to your doorstep, making your experience more convenient by eliminating the need to travel in search of notary services.

Remote Online Notary

Leveraging modern technology, this service facilitates the notarization of documents online, enhancing security, simplifying procedures, and offering the ability to serve from anywhere.


Looking to sell your house? Empire Title will work closely with you to satisfy any liens. We will prepare all necessary closing documents to make the transaction as streamline as possible for you and the buyer. We promise competitive rates, exceptional communication, and a professional staff that values each individual. 

Meet Our Expert Team

Experienced Professionals

Dedicated Support

Innovative Solutions

Hispanic Community Focused

Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who are deeply passionate about making every real estate transaction as smooth and transparent as possible. With a focus on excellence and efficiency, we are proud to offer specialized bilingual support to serve the Hispanic community better. Trust in our expertise to guide you through your real estate journey.

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